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how did you all miss cospay


Classic Mary


Classic Mary



All I’ve ever wanted in life, was a full gifset of this conversation.

Like, let’s take a minute to look at Dean here.  He throws his biggest insecurity out:  ”I prayed to you, Cas! Every night!”  Unfortunately we are missing the shot of Dean’s face after Cas says “I know.”  So I included it below:

He swallows some kind of emotion back visibly, and immediately withdraws into himself.  And he’s angry now.  Because he is hurt.  So he lashes out.  ”What the hell is wrong with you?”  And then Cas starts to explain, and Dean keeps this hardened face, protecting himself… Until Cas says “…to keep them away from you.”  Until Cas says I love you too.  That’s why I ran.  And the realization on Dean’s face in the last gif is so freaking powerful.  It is exactly what Cas wanted to avoid.  Cas kept holding back this entire scene.  I can’t hug Dean because then I won’t be able to let him go.  I can’t tell Dean I love him because he won’t let me stay.  I can’t tell Dean why I ran because he’ll know what it means.  That is why we have this pause where Cas stutters and says “to… to keep them away from you.”  Because he couldn’t let Dean know his feelings, but he couldn’t hurt Dean more.

And he was right.  Because you can see it in Dean’s face in the last gif. You can practically hear Dean’s thoughts screaming “I’ll never let him go again.”

Purgatory and End!verse both just fucking kill me dead.

Perfect post is perfect.


3x07 - Fresh Blood


when ur entire class didnt do the homeworkimage


it really pisses me off how easy it is to get sad and then how long and hard it is to get happy again like what the fuck man thats not fair


when girls think they are better than other girls because they are tomboys who engage in stereotypically “male” activities it makes me want to actually gouge my own eyes out because they are pretty much reinforcing the patriarchal idea that men are better than women without even realizing it and that is just incredibly sad


me in math class



the more i talk, the more i understand why i’m single